Zach Obront, Speaker

Zach is the co-founder of Scribe Media, a company that helps experts turn their ideas into books. He’s worked directly with over 500 entrepreneurs and business leaders to create incredible books, and has educated thousands more on his process through his bestselling book and speeches.

Zach has spoken to crowds at Google, Harvard, and METal, as well as groups like Entrepreneur Organization and the Yale Entrepreneurship Institute.

See Zach In Action

“From the moment he hits the stage, Zach draws his audience in. By blending sharp, systems level thinking, with humor, intelligence, playfulness and the rare quality of actually caring—a lot—about his audience, Zach is an amazing speaker.”
— Jason Connell, Founder at Ignited Leadership
“The Scribe Method that Zach teaches is like magic. You know how when you get an iPod and it just works? Or when you tap for an Uber, and it just works? That’s what this feels like.”
— Chris Dessi, CEO at Silverback Social
“Zach obsesses on over-delivering for the audience, and is incredibly cool under pressure. If you get a chance to see him speak live, seize it. If you have a chance to have him speak at your event or to your organization, do it—you’ll be in good hands.” 
— Sebastian Marshall, Executive Director at GiveGetWin

Most entrepreneurs know that a book is the perfect tool to take their businesses to the next level, and yet, somehow, it never gets written.


In his talk, Zach Obront shares the secrets of the Scribe Method, an approach he honed by helping hundreds of entrepreneurs and professionals write and publish their books.

By the end of the event, audience members will know:

  • The most common mistakes that non-fiction writers make (and how to avoid them)
  • An exact roadmap that first time authors should follow to write, publish, and market their book
  • A powerful framework for entrepreneurs to leverage their book as an automated attention machine to drive leads, sales, media attention, and fans

From ideation and positioning to distribution and marketing, Zach will teach you how to turn the wisdom in your head into an an incredible book, which can act as the ultimate source of credibility and attention among your customers.